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We are a young and dynamic company with headquarters in Milan. We provide Arabic language courses, for Italian and foreign students of all levels and ages.

Our Arabic training school, with headquarters in Milan at the offices Interdialog, was born from our many years of experience and from the collaboration with selected Arabic mother-tongue teachers, with qualification and university preparation.

We have a variety of course options available to suit your needs. We offer Arabic Online Courses, which offer you flexibility and convenience in learning, allowing you to study from anywhere, anytime. For those who prefer a more traditional learning experience, we also offer face-to-face Arabic courses, with engaging and interactive lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student, we have courses to suit you. We offer Arabic courses for individuals, students, professionals and companies. Our one-to-one courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, while group courses offer you the opportunity to learn alongside other motivated students. Contact us today to find out more about our online and face-to-face Arabic courses. We are ready to help you achieve your language goals and open the door to new opportunities.

Because we?


Communication Oriented Approach: We place emphasis on verbal interaction in Arabic during our lessons. Our teachers actively encourage students to use the language in real situations and introduce language rules when they see that students are ready to apply them in practice.



Immersed in Language: Our school embraces an immersive method where students are constantly surrounded by living language. We believe that language immersion promotes the natural assimilation of linguistic rules and provides an authentic environment for learning Arabic.



Our teachers act as authentic mentors, transmitting a positive human charge during the course of study. Their communication skills are a hallmark that allows them to lead students to success. We strongly believe that a positive relationship with the teacher is a key factor in achieving the desired results.
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How do we select our teachers?


Our Arabic mother tongue teachers

When it comes tolearning the Arabic language, choosing a qualified and competent native speaker teacher is crucial. But how can you select the best native teachers to ensure a high-quality learning experience? Discover the main characteristics that should distinguish Arabic language teachers to guide you in your choice.

  • Communication Skills: Native Arabic teachers should possess solid communication skills. They must be able to convey the Arabic language clearly and effectively, adapting to the proficiency level of their students. Good communication facilitates learning and promotes a deeper understanding of the language.
  • Positive Attitude: Native Arabic teachers should have a positive and encouraging attitude towards students. A positive mindset creates an inspiring and motivating learning environment, encouraging students to overcome challenges and achieve their language goals.
  • General Culture and Customs: Native Arabic teachers should have a good knowledge of Arab culture, including the customs and traditions of society. This additional knowledge enriches the learning experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in the Arabic language in a broader cultural context.
  • Effective Teaching Methodologies: Native Arabic teachers should use teaching methods that are effective and adaptable to the students’ needs. They must be able to provide interesting and engaging learning materials, offering a variety of pedagogical approaches to ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning of the Arabic language.
  • Experience and Qualifications: The combination of experience and qualifications is a key factor in selecting native Arabic teachers. Look for teachers with a solid academic background in the field of language teaching, accompanied by extensive experience in teaching the Arabic language to students of different ages and proficiency levels.

With the right teachers, you will be able to approach learning Arabic with confidence and success.

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