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Arabic Course Certifications

In which countries is Arabic spoken in the world?

The Arabic language, with its rich history and intrinsic appeal, is one of the most influential languages in the world today. It is the official language of 22 countries that are part of the Arab League, a political and cultural organization that includes Middle Eastern and North African nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and many others. Not only that, Arabic is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
However, the reach of the Arabic language is not limited to these countries. Thanks to global mobility, Arabic-speaking communities are found everywhere, from the United States to Europe to Asia and beyond. Furthermore, Arabic is very present due to its religious importance to Muslims around the world, as it is the language of the Koran.

How Many People Speak the Arabic Language in the World?

Arabic is a language of global reach, spoken by over 420 million people worldwide as a first or second language. This figure places it among the six most spoken languages on the planet.

In Which Business Sectors Is Speaking Arabic Important?

Knowledge of the Arabic language can open many doors in the world of work. To begin with, the energy sector is strongly linked to Arabic, as many of the largest oil and gas producers are located in Arabic-speaking countries. In the field of diplomacy and international relations, Arabic is equally essential. Given the strategic position of Arab countries in global geopolitical issues, Arabic-speaking diplomats and international policy experts are in great demand.
Furthermore, in the health, education and social assistance sectors, the Arabic language is increasingly in demand. Arabic-speaking professionals can provide crucial services to Arabic-speaking communities around the world.

What are the internationally recognized certifications for the Arabic language?

If you want to demonstrate your proficiency in the Arabic language, there are various internationally recognized certifications that can help you do so. These certifications can be useful for educational, business or personal purposes, and are recognized by universities, employers and institutions around the world.
One of the best-known certifications is the ALPT (Arabic Language Proficiency Test), a standardized test that assesses proficiency in the Arabic language in five areas: reading, listening, writing, speaking and structures of the Arabic language. This test is widely recognized and can be used to demonstrate your proficiency in Arabic at an international level.
Another recognized certification is the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Certificate of Proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. This test assesses listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
Additionally, the Center for Arabic Language and Oriental Culture (CASLC) offers the Global Seal of Biliteracy, a certification that recognizes bilingual skills in Arabic and English.
Finally, the University of Cambridge offers the Arabic Language Achievement Test (ALAT), an internationally recognized exam that measures skills in listening, reading, writing and using the Arabic language.

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Arabic certifications


Arabic language certifications

If you want to get official recognition of your Arabic language skills, our Arabic language course certifications are the perfect way to demonstrate your level of fluency. Whether you are starting with levels A1 and A2, or aiming for the maximum level of C2, we offer highly professional courses that will best prepare you to pass the tests and obtain the desired certifications.

Arabic A1 and A2 Certifications: Choose Your Path to Language Proficiency
The A1 and A2 levels of the Arabic language certifications are the foundation on which to build a solid command of the language. Through our specially designed courses, you will learn the basics of Arabic grammar, acquire essential vocabulary and develop basic communication skills. Obtaining A1 and A2 certifications is the first step towards your linguistic success and will open the door to study, work and travel opportunities.

Arabic B1 and B2 Certifications: Prove Your Intermediate Competence
If you’ve already gained a solid foundation in the Arabic language and want to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency, the B1 and B2 certifications are what you’re looking for. Our advanced courses will help you develop your understanding of the Arabic language and acquire more sophisticated language skills. Demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively, express complex opinions and understand intermediate-level texts.

Arabic C1 and C2 Certifications: Linguistic Excellence at the Highest Level
If you want to demonstrate complete command of the language and achieve the highest level of proficiency in the Arabic language, the C1 and C2 certifications are the goal to pursue. Our advanced level courses will allow you to hone your language skills, develop a deep understanding of Arabic culture and master the more complex nuances of the language. Obtaining C1 and C2 certifications will open the door to international career opportunities, advanced studies and much more.

Set Up Your Success with Arabic Language Courses for Certifications
At our language school, we offer specially designed Arabic language courses to best prepare you for certifications. Our highly qualified teachers will guide you through a structured programme, aimed at improving your language skills, your understanding of grammar and your ability to express yourself.


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