Individual Arabic Courses

Individual Courses


Individual or semi-individual Arabic courses

If you want a highly personalized and focused learning experience, our one-to-one or semi-individual Arabic courses are the perfect choice. With a dedicated approach and a custom calendar of days and times, you will be able to achieve tangible results in the shortest possible time.

Whether you prefer online or face-to-face lessons, you will have access to highly qualified native Arabic teachers who will guide you through a tailor-made study path.

Each lesson will be completely dedicated to you, offering you the individual attention of an expert native Arabic teacher. You will be able to address your specific challenges, work on weaknesses and develop your language skills in a targeted way. You will be able to progress through the study program at your own pace and pace.

Our language school offers you the chance tolearn Arabic from highly qualified native-speaking teachers. This will ensure you have an authentic experience and the opportunity to develop accurate pronunciation and linguistic understanding. Our native Arabic teachers will guide you through the learning path, providing you with support and personalized feedback. You will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Arabic language and culture.

If you want to share the learning experience with a friend, family member or colleague, our semi-individual Arabic courses are the ideal solution. You will share the lesson with another student, maintaining an intimate and interactive learning environment.

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Individual Online Courses


Individual Arabic Courses Online

Our Arabic One-to-One Online Courses offer a tailor-made learning experience, ensuring fast and effective results.

The online private lessons are designed especially for you, allowing you to focus on the specific aspects of Arabic that you want to improve. You’ll be able to tackle topics that interest you, expand your vocabulary, and perfect your pronunciation with the undivided attention of your teacher. This personalized approach will allow you to make significant progress in the shortest possible time.

One of the main advantages of our one-to-one online Arabic courses is the convenience and flexibility they offer. You won’t have to worry about travel or fixed times for face-to-face lessons. You will be able to study from the comfort of your home or from any place you prefer, saving time and effort. Furthermore, you will be able to schedule lessons according to your availability and your calendar, making learning Arabic easily compatible with your other activities.

Personalization is at the heart of our approach, allowing you to focus on your specific goals and areas that need the most attention.

Contact us today to enroll in our online one-to-one Arabic courses, or request a personalized quote.

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Arabic courses at home


Individual Arabic courses at home

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Arabic language without leaving your home. OurArabic courses at home in your city offer a unique and personalized learning experience. This way, you will have the opportunity to learn one of the world’s oldest and most influential languages in the comfort of your own home.

Arabic courses in your home present an excellent opportunity to learn at a pace that suits your needs. With the help of our experienced and dedicated teachers, you will learn not only the language, but also the rich culture and history that goes with it.

One of the main Advantages of Home Courses is convenience. You can schedule lessons when it’s convenient for you and save travel time. Learning becomes easier and more effective when it happens in the comfort of your personal space.

Whether you are a beginner or want to improve on your existing skills, Arabic at Home courses are the ideal solution. Venture into the fascinating world of Arabic with us and discover how home learning can enrich your language journey. Start your Arabic learning journey today!

** Check immediately by contacting the secretariat if the home course is available at your address and if there is an extra cost.


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